The Freelancer’s Guide to Creating an Empire-Worthy Home Office

Vogue / January 2017

There used to be the expectation that our careers fit neatly into 9-to-6 boxes. But with today’s ever-shifting markets and a collective rise in entrepreneurial spirit, half of Americans work at least partially flexible hours in nontraditional environments, according to research from Global Workplace Analytics. We’re frequently telecommuting from local coffee shops, shared work spaces, and our living rooms more than ever before. “I fully believe in home offices,” says Kari Whitman, interior designer and owner of Kari Whitman Interiors, who has worked with and created home offices for Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Emilio Estevez, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Michael Keaton, and Charlie Sheen.


About Kari Whitman Interiors

Celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman founded Kari Whitman Interiors in Los Angeles in 1994 as a design build firm specializing in high-end residential interior design. Now based in Los Angeles and Boulder, Colorado, Kari is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after interior designer talents. Residential clients including Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, Nikki Sixx, Justus Parmar, and Don Johnson have embraced her eclectic design style and knowledge of eco-friendly interior design. Kari’s expertise also extends into commercial interior design, and projects range from condos to estate homes, boutique hotels to large-scale residential developments. A member of the prestigious American Society for Interior Design,  Kari has showcased prominent design projects throughout California, New York, Denver, ColoradoAspen, Jackson Hole, Miami, and Dallas. To spend more time in nature, Kari now operates out of her residential interior design office in Boulder, Colorado.

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