Sheringham Lane

This lavish Los Angeles abode seamlessly combines Havwoods flooring, Alex Turco panels, and lilac slabs provided by Rio Stones to create a space that exudes elegance, sophistication, and natural beauty.

The rich tones and intricate grain patterns of the Havwoods flooring establishes a warm and inviting atmosphere, while their durability and sustainability make them an environmentally-conscious choice.
The captivating presence of Alex Turco panels adorning the walls serves as artistic focal points, infusing each space with creativity and grandeur.
Crafted with innovative techniques, these panels showcase a harmonious blend of texture, color, and design, reflecting the homeowner’s unique taste and passion for art.
Lastly, the enveloping allure of Lilac slabs throughout the residence adds an exquisite tapestry of luxury, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter.
This extraordinary home stands as a testament to the seamless integration of nature’s wonders and the finest elements of interior design, offering an exceptional living experience.


About Kari Whitman Interiors

Founded in 1994 by Kari Whitman, Kari Whitman Interiors (KWI) is a distinguished design-build firm specializing in luxury residential and commercial interior design. KWI is a trusted design expert and visionary for A-list celebs, including Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Emilio Estevez, and Don Henley. Clients of the like are attracted to Kari’s signature style, “eclectic self-expressionism,” which is integrated through salvaged artifacts, distinctive artwork, custom pieces, green design, and pet-friendly elements. With headquarters in LA and Boulder, KWI’s international projects span prestigious locations such as California, New York, Denver, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Miami, Dallas, and Saudi Arabia.

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