Industrial Boulder Brownstone

With features including vintage windows repurposed into a glass staircase, prints from Andy Warhol in the wallpaper for a fun, funky vibe, and contrasting touches like black and white finishes paired with distressed brick, this project focuses on the marriage of old and new and making vintage pieces and timeless ideas fresh again.  A Debbie Harry art piece by Ashleigh Sumner finishes off the room.
Mirrored glass with chicken wire embedded within from Olde Good Things gives a modern flair to the cabinets, while a custom bar and island from local stone workers Granite & Marble Designs makes the space cozy and inviting.
Natural light fills every space within this home, accentuating the bright colors and brick finishes.
Custom designed hand painted wallpaper from Astek is featured in the master bedroom, accentuated by the glass stairwell and natural lighting.
A vintage desk from Caracole by the window and graphic wallpaper from Flavor Paper makes this office space a relaxed and inviting place to absorb the Colorado views right from home.


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