Emilio Estevez

When Emilio Estevez realized the gallons of water he was wasting on watering the inedible grass at his one-acre Malibu estate, he decided he’d rather water something he could consume instead. So he planted a vineyard of pinot noir grapes to replace the grass and indulge his great passion for wine. With capacity to produce 1200 bottles annually, he needed somewhere to ferment, bottle, and enjoy his wine. So he hired his friend and former co-star, interior designer Kari Whitman, to transform his guestroom into an elegant wine cellar and tasting room with an old world feel.

Estevez and the Los Angeles-based Whitman kept with her environmentally friendly design philosophy by using recycled wood, salvaged furnishings, and antique pieces. The international interior designer drew on influences from Portugal to add the old world feel to the space. She modeled a Portuguese iron gate into a door and painted a design on the walls from 18th century Portuguese tile.

The romantically-lit space features cozy seating for tasting wine from the 360-bottle-wine-rack. Green interior designer Kari Whitman used circa 1920 leather club chairs and a wine rack made of recycled wood from the Reusable Lumber Co in Woodside, CA. Antique design features such as an 18th-century Spanish light fixture and a mahogany cabinet with built-in corkscrew add wisdom to the brand new space where Emilio Estevez is proud to entertain his friends. “I love the wisdom of old products and designs,” says Whitman. Estevez loves it as well—“I bring people here when I want to show off. It’s kept cold for the wine, but after a few glasses nobody notices!”


About Kari Whitman Interiors

Founded in 1994 by Kari Whitman, Kari Whitman Interiors (KWI) is a distinguished design-build firm specializing in luxury residential and commercial interior design. KWI is a trusted design expert and visionary for A-list celebs, including Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Emilio Estevez, and Don Henley. Clients of the like are attracted to Kari’s signature style, “eclectic self-expressionism,” which is integrated through salvaged artifacts, distinctive artwork, custom pieces, green design, and pet-friendly elements. With headquarters in LA and Boulder, KWI’s international projects span prestigious locations such as California, New York, Denver, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Miami, Dallas, and Saudi Arabia.

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