Kari Whitman and Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas

Melanie + Antonio

Kristen Bell and Kari Whitman

Kristen Bell

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez

Virginia Madsen and Kari Whitman

Virginia Madsen

Kari Whitman and Kurtwood Smith

Kurtwood Smith

Celeb style is all about expressing yourself creatively and making a space that’s uniquely your own, says celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman. Whitman founded Kari Whitman Interiors in 1994 as a full service design firm specializing in residential
and commercial projects.

Whitman has worked with many celebrities over the years on interiors and design ideas. Those clients have included Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Kurtwood Smith, Virginia Madsen, Don Johnson, Emilio Estevez, and Don Henley.

If you’re looking to recreate celeb styles in your bedroom interiors or elsewhere throughout the house, Whitman suggests you skip the big box stores, save money, and the environment by hunting for treasures at local swap meets, architectural salvage stores,
or online at places like ebay, Craigslist, and Truthfully, this is how many celebrities furnish their own homes.

That being said, Whitman did come up with these 5 tips for celeb styles at home for less, which I’m sharing with you, in her own words.

  1. Art is Smart. For celeb style for less, there’s no better way to express yourself than with art. You don’t have to be rich to be a collector—check out art schools and sales in your city, support hip, emerging artists, and buy, buy, buy! I love what
    Danny Masterson is doing right now, but if you find something for only $10 and it speaks to you, go for it!
  2. Think wallcoverings. Wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to totally change up the vibe in a room. It’s fun, it’s glamorous, and you can get super creative with it…like using it on a ceiling like I did for Jessica Alba. Flavor Paper is an awesome company—I
    just installed a black and white custom photo to fit my entire guest room in Boulder.
  3. Go for creative windowcoverings. Using sheers for drapes is inexpensive and will create a sexy, softly-lit room. Fresh, white, crisp sheers are a super simple way to add elegance and a bit of Hollywood glam. Illuminating them also adds to the mood and
    amps up the drama for nighttime.
  4. Select soft and easy fabrics and surfaces for furniture. Feeling comfortable and relaxed in your home will make you feel like a million bucks no matter what your budget. Eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and kid-friendly equals party-friendly, comfy, no stress
    rooms. Fabrics like pleather and UltraSuede are perfect for upholstering couches, chairs, coffee tables, even walls—the look is super luxe, but maintenance is a breeze and you can actually just wipe pleather down with a sponge.
  5. Add a statement piece. Adding a single, spectacular statement piece will get your guests talking in no time. This can be a special heirloom, a funky fabric, a cool artifact repurposed as a coffee table or lamp, or anything that sparks your personal
    flair. Right now I’m totally obsessed with Raw Studio, a new company that makes indoor swings—talk about wow factor!

Of course, you could always create your own celeb styles at home by buying home fashions celebrities design!

Originally posted in Home Goes Strong.